HBL invest £250K in new surface-mount technology equipment

The advanced equipment, which includes a new 3D automated optical inspection (AOI) machine, a solder paste-inspection machine and a screen printer, arrives as customers’ needs grow in both complexity and volume. This investment underlines HBL’s commitment to constantly improving company capabilities.


This new cohort of surface-mount technology (SMT) equipment consists of the Yamaha YCP10 Screen Printer, Yamaha YSi-SP Solder Paste Inspection machine and the Yamaha YSi-V AOI machine, which were installed at HBL’s facilities between July and October 2021. These new additions to the manufacturing line will be used for every product HBL produces, including for customers in the automotive industry.

These machines have introduced the use of new technology, including brand new 3D AOI aptitudes, such as foreign object detection and more accurate visioning. Staff have undergone specialist training and are now able to operate the highly sensitive machines with authority and expertise.

The introduction of this up-to-date technology allows HBL to meet industry IPC standards, increase proficiency and offer an extended range of specialist skills, making for a more competitive business portfolio. “Hosiden Besson has spent a quarter of a million on these new machines, and plan to make further investment to move the business technology forward,” says Gary Young, SMT Area Manager at Hosiden Besson. “Technology is always evolving, so our priority is keeping pace with the technology.”

To find out more about Hosiden Besson’s SMT capabilities and the work we do for our customers, visit our electronics manufacturing page.