Hosiden Besson now offers precise automated CMM measuring

UK manufacturer Hosiden Besson has invested in an automated coordinate measuring machine for incredibly efficient measurements of objects.


Using the powerful Metrolog X4 software, the new machine from Measurement Solutions offers precise automated measurement. Manual CMM measurements can take up to two hours for accurate dimensions to be recorded, but this new, automated machine cuts the process time down to between two and twenty minutes, depending on the size of the part, resulting in big cost savings for both Hosiden Besson and its clients.


“The beauty of this machine is that it will measure things down to 0.01 of a micron, so the fine measurement of even very intricate parts is there,” says David Vye, Production Manager at Hosiden Besson. “This type of machinery is essential in manufacturing so being able to automate this process is a huge benefit. Also, the software we have installed allows us to futureproof the machine: we plan to offer a 3D measurement process in the not too distant future where a scanner is simply passed over any small object that needs to be measured. In the coming months clients will be able to send us files and we’ll be able to check that the designs are dimensionally correct. If we have a customer who has a problem with a product, we can do a measurement report and they can then see exactly what we see as a Metrologic viewing portal is available as part of the service.”


David continues “The machine will eventually be used in conjunction with our 3D printer as well as being linked up online – It is a really good bit of kit with loads of potential.”


To enquire about our measuring service please email sales@hbl.co.uk