Part Number: refer to datasheet

The New Bedlam LTC_ATA (BLTC-ATA) is a tone-caller designed to be used with an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) for connection to an IP phone system, or to replace traditional bell on a PSTN (Max 100VRMS Ringing signal) line.

To be located in large offices or factory areas which have high ambient noise levels so that a ringing telephone can easily be heard. There is a variant fitted with a bright flashing light for loud areas where PPE maybe used or for the hard of hearing.



  • REN of 0
  • 4 Selectable tones in sympathy with the ringing signal cadence
  • Penetrating Typical 105dBA SPL Output
  • Level detection on incoming phone line eliminates false ringing singles
  • Volume Control
  • Weatherproofing to IP66
  • Available with or without flashing ring indication light
  • Available for hard wiring (using either screw or IDC terminal block) or supplied with a 3-metre line cord terminated with RJ11 4/6
  • Requires a 12V DC supply (not supplied)
  • Trade version
  • Can be connected to a BT line via a line cord fitted with a BT431 plug (not supplied).