Quality Policy

The Managing Director, Senior Management and staff of Hosiden Besson are committed to achieving, promoting and improving quality throughout the organisation and in the products and services it provides.
To support this policy we will:

  • Understand our interested parties needs and expectations ensuring they are achieved, monitored and continually improved.
  • Promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of our work and at all levels of our organisation.
  • Monitor and improve customer satisfaction levels.
  • To implement appropriate actions to address any risks and opportunities associated with internal / external issues, and to meet the needs and expectation of interested parties.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • To establish and maintain a Business Management System which satisfies the requirements of ISO 14001, ISO 9001, IATF16949 and any other client specific requirements.
  • Ensure that employees have adequate skills and training to carry out their roles and responsibilities.
  • The Senior Management team will regularly review performance to identify areas requiring improvement.


Latest news

Hosiden Besson now offers precise automated CMM measuring

UK manufacturer Hosiden Besson has invested in an automated coordinate measuring machine for incredibly efficient measurements of objects.

CMM precise measuring machine

Hosiden Besson joins BSIF

Hosiden Besson has shown its commitment to producing high quality safety products with its recent membership of the British Industry Safety Federation (BSIF).

Companies need to listen to hearing loss warnings

According to the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), industrial hearing loss accounts for nearly 75% of all occupational disease civil claims

Aurelo hearing protection

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