Track Day Camera MICROPHONE

HBL took a call from Cosworth asking if we could help them to develop a microphone for use in a track day camera for a US sports car. Later this transpired to be the Corvette Stingray.

Being an Automotive supplier we employed our product realisation process which is designed to meet TS16949 automotive standard and contains special check points to ensure that customer expectations are realised. We worked with Cosworth to develop the mechanical aspects as well as dictating the acoustic requirements that would meet the customers’ needs. The customer required our guidance as they had no experience in acoustic products. HBL spent 6 months developing this miniature microphone before successfully entering the production phase. To date, we are pleased to say that the customer remains fully satisfied and happy with the product and service that HBL has provided.

For more information on what this impressive system can do, please visit here.

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