Our capabilities

HBL have extensive knowledge, experience and facilities within every stage of development and the manufacturing. This enables us to deliver total customer satisfaction.


With its experienced engineering capabilities HBL has an excellent track record for development of electro acoustic products.


Our capabilities include conceptual design & rendering, moldflow tool analysis, full 3D product assembly construction...


The Company philosophy is to use multi skilled teams from new product development through to continuous improvement activities.


HBL has invested in 3D printing technology; this in-house facility allows us to prototype concepts and working models within a matter of hours.


HBL are experts at preparing or redesigning your prototype/product for manufacture.


Injection moulding is something HBL has vast experience in, with many years of product development particularly in plastics.

Validation / Verification

Hosiden Besson has a comprehensive package of test suited and tailored to our customer needs but backed up by our own internal high quality requirements.


HBL have significant purchasing power and as a result are able to source acoustic, electronic and mechanical parts.


Pre-Production sees the use of off tool parts and off process manufacture to finally prove the design & build process.

Product assembly

HBL employ highly skilled manufacturing staff trained to IPC level to ensure quality product is produced on time and on spec.


Our production facilities offer manufacture in both conventional and surface mount format. Flexible production lines enable us to produce both low and high volume products.

New product development process

Hosiden Besson follow a New Product Development Process that has been designed to be flexible according to the customers product requirements. We follow the Automotive Standard IATF16949 to maintain a control over the activities employed. Each Phase in the Five Phase Process is controlled by necessary Stage Gates (as below).

Enquiry Tender Review


Project Viability
This is designed to understand the initial concept generated within the enquiry and analyse the risk and feasibility of the project.


Product & Process Design
This Phase takes the concept from Phase One and begins the Product Design and initial design of the Manufacturing Process.


Design/Process Verification
Verifies the design work and processes undertaken in Phase 2 to ensure we can meet Customer requirements.


Validates the Product Design and the repeatability of the manufacturing process using off tool and off process parts by a low volume production run.


We ramp up to full production after implementing any improvements necessary from the pre-production phase.

Latest news

Hosiden Besson now offers precise automated CMM measuring

UK manufacturer Hosiden Besson has invested in an automated coordinate measuring machine for incredibly efficient measurements of objects.

CMM precise measuring machine

Hosiden Besson joins BSIF

Hosiden Besson has shown its commitment to producing high quality safety products with its recent membership of the British Industry Safety Federation (BSIF).

Companies need to listen to hearing loss warnings

According to the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), industrial hearing loss accounts for nearly 75% of all occupational disease civil claims

Aurelo hearing protection

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