Hosiden Corporation

Hosiden Corporation has always been at the forefront of developing new and innovative technologies.

As a global company with 23 established manufacturing and sales sites in 10 countries; Hosiden manufacture components for the information communication, automotive electronics, home entertainments and audio-visual marketplaces.

Hosiden is committed to supporting customer’s requirements and pioneering next generation technologies.

For further information visit our corporate website; www.hosiden.com


HBL is located in Hove in East Sussex. England

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Quality statement

Our aim is to achieve a zero defective rate for output.

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Latest news

Hosiden Besson now offers precise automated CMM measuring

UK manufacturer Hosiden Besson has invested in an automated coordinate measuring machine for incredibly efficient measurements of objects.

CMM precise measuring machine

Hosiden Besson joins BSIF

Hosiden Besson has shown its commitment to producing high quality safety products with its recent membership of the British Industry Safety Federation (BSIF).

Companies need to listen to hearing loss warnings

According to the UK Government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), industrial hearing loss accounts for nearly 75% of all occupational disease civil claims

Aurelo hearing protection

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