Hosiden Besson commits to sustainability with solar panels at Hove factories

Hosiden Besson are proud to announce the completion of solar panel installations at both of our factories in Hove, representing a major step towards our long-term goal of becoming a net zero company.

This significant investment not only demonstrates our commitment to increasing sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, but it also enables us to produce products more competitively, making our facilities more attractive.

The 252 installed solar panels can generate up to 103 kW, meeting over 60% of our annual energy usage. Any unused green energy is fed back into the grid, providing renewable power to other users and further offsetting our carbon footprint.

Managing Director Donna Vye stated: “This investment helps us progress towards our ambitious net zero target and aligns with the environmental priorities of our customers, positioning Hosiden Besson as a competitive and responsible manufacturing partner.”