Bioself Technology launch Sensate in collaboration with HBL

The Sensate, a well-being technology device, was initially conceptualised in early 2020 by the founders of Bioself Technology Ltd. After gaining support on social media, the product was crowdfunded by followers and brought to market, with HBL supporting design finalisation and facilitating smooth production.


The product aims to limit anxiety and calm the body by creating infra-sound resonance in the chest through bone conduction. By resting it on their chest, users receive the frequencies through the Vagus Nerve, which calms the body and slows the heart rate. The device  pairs with an app, used to control the pebble, adding audible music that further increases the calming effects.


Following initial development with a local design company, Bioself were searching for a new manufacturing partner when they approached HBL with the product. In collaboration with the customer, HBL worked to solve previous quality issues and focused on getting the Sensate into its final development stage, smoothing out the production process.



“Bioself came to us in July 2020, and the product was launched to market in October 2020,” explains HBL’s General Manager, Steve Jupp. “This was a really quick turnaround – development and quality assurance issues considered – and the customer was very happy with our work on the product.”


Since partnering with HBL, Bioself have initiated a ramp-up of production units, as well as growth of their product offering. As well as an increase in production, the success of this product has resulted in a longer-term contract for HBL than originally anticipated. “Bioself are a growing business, which is great to have as a partner,” says Jupp. “This is an exciting space for HBL to move into, especially in light of the changing industries and the way the pandemic has affected all business.”