Second 3D printer added to HBL’s technology outfit

HBL has recently invested in an additional 3D printer, with an aim to further company prototyping capabilities. This has allowed for better flexibility in the design and production processes, ensuring quick delivery of samples production.


As of 2020, HBL’s facilities now house two 3D printers. This newest addition has increased printing capabilities, through its ability to work with three different materials – rubber, silicon type and standard plastics – at the same time. This improves productivity and ensures more reactive production of prototypes and design samples to better meet customer briefs.

“The introduction of a second 3D printer massively boosts the scope of our design stage,” says Steve Jupp, General Manager at HBL. “Having two up-to-the-minute printers also speeds up our development process, by being able to print faster than an old version and having double the output.”

As well as improving prototype aptitudes, these printers allow HBL engineers to produce custom tooling and jigs for use in production. “Being able to produce such accurate prototypes significantly reduces the risks involved with investing in hard tooling,” adds Jupp. “This investment demonstrates HBL’s long-term commitment to developing new product ranges for the future of the company.”

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