Hosiden Besson joins BSIF

Hosiden Besson has shown its commitment to producing high quality safety products with its recent membership of the British Industry Safety Federation (BSIF).

“We’re excited by the new opportunities that the BSIF offers both us and our customers, and look forward to having a greater role within the safety industry,” says Steve Jupp, technical sales manager at Hosiden Besson. “The membership allows all our customers to have confidence that our services and products are underpinned by solid industry knowledge and experience. Our customers can be reassured that as members of the BSIF, we receive regular updates on the latest legislation and PPE product standards, both in the UK and Europe – something that will become of increasing importance as Brexit becomes a reality. It also allows us access to independent advice on safety legislation when necessary, as well as offer additional industry qualifications for our staff, ensuring that we’re always at the forefront of the industry.”


For more information on the BSIF, go to www.bsif.co.uk.