HBL develops transceiver system for fishing industry leaders Wolf International

Wolf’s Icon range uses one of the most advanced fishing systems on the market today, developed and produced by Hosiden Besson. This innovative technology offers a new level of flexibility and practicality not seen in these types of products before.

In 2018, Hosiden Besson were approached by the founder of Wolf International with a concept for a new type of fishing system. The aim was to create a range of products that would use a transceiver to allow devices to communicate back-and-forth, thus offering customers full control of their fishing equipment through one intuitive hub. Formerly, systems of this type have used one-way signalling, meaning that equipment components were limited to only sending signals.

This range of receiving units, launched at the end of 2021, is made up of alarms and receiver hubs that have the ability to incorporate several feature functions of a fishing set up. For example, these products can use passive infrared sensor (PIR) systems to monitor the swim and control theft of alarms, as well as operating bite alarms that can be customised to trigger sounds and connect to bivvy lights.

A team of dedicated HBL engineers worked on developing the system, manufacturing the hubs and testing the technology to ensure it was market ready. Since the products’ launch, Icon has become established as Wolf’s flagship range. “We are pleased to have collaborated with Wolf to successfully build this market-leading system,” comments Steve Jupp, General Manager at HBL. “Our team are continuing work on this project to extend the Icon range and grow Wolf’s portfolio, and look forward to further advancing this pioneering technology.”

To find out more about this innovative technology, view the range on Wolf’s website or watch the video below.